Big Sur Vacation Packages To Consider In 2024

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If you are planning a trip to Big Sur and flying there is part of the plan, I’ve got a tip for you – check out Expedia vacation packages.

You can grab your flight, accommodation, and car rental in one go.

And it can be much cheaper than booking it separately.

Expedia has great vacation packages to Ventana Big Sur, Big Sur Lodge and Lucia Lodge that also include a flight.

However, I still recommend checking the prices on other platforms as well to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

Here’s How You Can Do That:

  1. Go to Expedia, type in where you’d be flying from and choose the dates.
  2. Look at the prices for packages.
  3. Go to to compare prices for Ventana Big Sur, Big Sur Lodge (and directly on their website) and Lucia Lodge.
  4. Go to and Skyscanner to compare flight deals.
  5. If you also want to rent a car: in Expedia click on “add a car option” and compare prices with DiscoverCars and RentalCars.

What’s Special About Each Spot?

  • Ventana Big Sur is for those who want luxury.
  • Big Sur Lodge is the most budget friendly option.
  • Lucia Lodge has amazing ocean views. If you want to see the ocean from your window, this is the place.

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