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We receive a high volume of emails. This means you won’t hear from us unless we decide to move forward.

If you’re a travel blogger / travel writer and interested in a free guest post submission, here’s what to include in your email:

  • subject line: Guest Contributor 
  • the topics that you have in mind (please search the website and make sure it hasn’t been covered yet). You need to be an expert in the topic. We don’t accept generic posts.
  • your website URL that you want to link back to

Guest Post Requirements:

  • at least 1500 words
  • your short bio and a photo (to be included in the bottom of your post)
  • you MUST have your own travel blog, and be the person behind the blog (your name and pic is listed on your website)
  • original content not published elsewhere
  • ideally 2-4 photos of your own

In return, you’ll get 1-2 backlinks (in-context, natural).

If you want us to publish a sponsored post about your product or brand, email us with:

  • subject line: Sponsored Post
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  • your budget

Note: The link will be marked “sponsored” as per Google guidelines.

Also note: we reserve the right to edit your post and request edits. We also reserve the right to refuse to publish it.

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